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Some feedback
Morion lvl 20 rank up quest : 
Drop are way to random to my taste, but i guess it's the usual Morion curse  Rolleyes 

Lvl 40 rank up quest :
I don't know about other class, but as a mech i just had to kill something like 6 bargon 6 skeleton 6 head cutter, you could pump up the number.

Increase/Add more hellspawn  : except forgoten land/oasis/Bcave, i haven't really found any other decent HS yet ; Throne Room and Dark sanctuary HS are close to empty, Forbidden Land HS is non-existent for instance.
It's gonna be a KS fest in oasis at release is there is no other alternative (and then the multi account user power lvling their alt there)

There is no shaman weapon in Ruinen/Navisko magic store vendor

Not sure how to feel about the cash shop item also, someone not using it will be severely disadvantaged (respec stone/perfect item/mana/xp etc .. )
I personnaly don't mind donating to support your work, but not if it's end up being more expensive than a  "regular" Mmorpg suscription to be full buff.

Anyway great job so far and can't wait for the release   Big Grin

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