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Some feedback
Morion lvl 20 rank up quest : 
Drop are way to random to my taste, but i guess it's the usual Morion curse  Rolleyes 

Lvl 40 rank up quest :
I don't know about other class, but as a mech i just had to kill something like 6 bargon 6 skeleton 6 head cutter, you could pump up the number.

Increase/Add more hellspawn  : except forgoten land/oasis/Bcave, i haven't really found any other decent HS yet ; Throne Room and Dark sanctuary HS are close to empty, Forbidden Land HS is non-existent for instance.
It's gonna be a KS fest in oasis at release is there is no other alternative (and then the multi account user power lvling their alt there)

There is no shaman weapon in Ruinen/Navisko magic store vendor

Not sure how to feel about the cash shop item also, someone not using it will be severely disadvantaged (respec stone/perfect item/mana/xp etc .. )
I personnaly don't mind donating to support your work, but not if it's end up being more expensive than a  "regular" Mmorpg suscription to be full buff.

Anyway great job so far and can't wait for the release   Big Grin
Adding a few stuff 

-   High level item should be harder to find. Right now for example regular mob from lvl 95 map will drop lvl 95 item, way too easy.
Maybe bring back something like the old  lvl 80 abcd item, where the worst item drop on regular mob and the best on boss only.

-  Remove perfectize item / swap item from the cash shop.  Being able to turn your shitty amulet lv/3 atk rate  into a perf weapon / armor is way too OP.

- Remove resale value to all cash shop item

-  SOD don't drop anything right now, I wouldn't mind if it started dropping sheltom once in a while  Wink

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