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[BUG] Potions removed on dead
  • Time: All te time
  • Location: Doesn't matter
  • Class: Checked so far on: FS, ATA, Pike, Knight
  • Game Client Version: 1.012
  • What did you do?: Die
  • What is wrong?: The potions in quickslot 1 are reduced to 2, like if you are not waring any bracelets.
  • How should it be working?: The amount of potion that you have in quickslot 1 should remain the same after you die
  • Images/Video:  Video
  • Anything else you can add: -
Thank you for your reports we'll look into it.
As of 4-7-2019 still seeing this bug upon every death.
I can confirm this still happens both on PRS and on Assassin. It may have happened once or twice without dying, but I am not 100% sure and will try to investigate further if I encounter it again.
EDIT: I can confirm it also happens sometimes when logging in to the game.

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