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Bug Report 3-5-19
  • Greetings Support, Time:  3-5-19 12am local time 
  • Location:  Desktop

  • Class: Knight

  • Game Client Version: Current

  • What did you do?: Attempted to use launcher for game acesss 

  • What is wrong?: The launcher automatically begins to update, shows server online during this process. Upon completing the update the launcher window will flash over to offline red text, Upon Re-attempting launcher it will see the version is current and instead of updating will automatically flash over to offline message. 

  • How should it be working?: it should complete the process and run the client.exe and load into the login - screen.

  • Anything else you can add: I was able to bypass the bug by opening the pristontale eu file found in the program files and running the client .exe directly after updating the client via the launcher. 
  • Attempted second download and fresh install while disabling the firewall and anti-virus whilst running in administrator mode.  bug was replicated twice more. 

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