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Bug report: Boss time in FoS
  • Time:  12:34 CET on may 15th and earlier

  • Location: Forest of Spirits

  • Class:  Assassin but I've also seen it on Priestess

  • Game Client Version: Open Beta v1.013

  • What did you do?: I entered anywhere in the Forest of Spirits map

  • What is wrong?: There is no boss timer on the map showing the spawn time of a boss. 

  • How should it be working?: There should be a boss timer in the lower left corner showing the spawn time until the boss spawns. (Unless there is no boss in this map, then you can delete this post)

  • Images/Video: I have a picture but I don't really know how I can insert it here. I can show it on discord if needed though.

  • Anything else you can add: I'm sorry if I messed up the layout, I'm bad at using forums.

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