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Cash shop
I'm new here and first thing that got my eyes really teary was cash shop.
Not sure if it's just for beta phase or a permanent - but on official release there shouldn't be any option to "perfectize" an item. This is broken and it stops people from doing what this game is all about - farming items and grind. This will also break the balance in Bless Castle

Just a heads up about it. This shouldn't be here after beta
Hey Darekhilf,

The Premium shop isn't final and will remove most of the 'p2w' elements from the shop.
Costumes, tiny boosts (Third eye, 30% EXP), and pets will stay. As it'll be the only source of income to manage the server.

We appreciate the input and try to keep Pristontale EU as non-p2w as possible without cutting possible income for advertisement/hosting/staff payment too much.

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