Server Rules

Breaking these rules can result in the suspension of your account temporary or permanent as we feel fit to your miss behavior.
These rules can change whenever we feel like it has to be updated or adjusted to ensure a fair and fun gameplay experience for our community!

1. Abusing a bug to take a game advantage is not allowed ( report all exploits/bugs directly to a GM/Admin )

Bless Castle
1. Exploiting a way to enter the castle as attacker before the battle starts isn't allowed. Only defenders can be inside the castle. Finding a way to climb or exploit inside isn't allowed. This is in-line with our rule against bug exploiting listed above.

3rd party software
1. No Auto clicking, (Apart from left/right click) But not AFK.
2. No 3rd party software/injecting/hacks.
3. No automated potion usage.
4. No automated movement.

Community behavior
1. Don't steal spawns from other players.
2. Stay friendly and respect other players.
3. Trade chat (World chat) should always be in English.
4. No partying with a cheater/hacker.
5. No discrimination, Harrasment or racism.
6. Respect all Staff & Players.
7. Don't advertise other communities unless Pristontale EU related.
8. Repeated negative speech is not appreciated if you have an issue report it on our bug tracker.
9. An attempt at bribing a GM/Staff member to gain access to anything. ( Definition of bribing: offering money in the return of a service/item )
10. Intentionally griefing other players gameplay such as luring, tag targeting, monster tagging, boss tagging/stealing.

Real money trading (RMT)
1. No gold/item trading for real money.
2. Selling/buying accounts is allowed ( at own risk )
Note: If the bought account has cheated/hacked previously it may still be banned after your purchase.
3. Buying services is allowed.

Bryan 20
CaradepalKS 20
Kindaichi 20
4 ~QP~ 18
5 NoWay 18
6 Mo 18
7 mat 18
8 UllysisFS 18
9 Nikita 17
10 Achilies 17