14. Oct, 2018
Class/Game Guide EVENT
Hello Pristontale EU community!

We need YOU! to help new players or less experienced players. In return, you can win some awesome prizes!

1st place: 7 days Phoenix + 1 Day Third Eye + Military Costume
2nd place: 7 days Phoenix + 1 Day Third Eye
3rd place: 1 day Phoenix + 1 day Nepsys + 1 Day Third Eye

How to participate:[/b]
1. Create a guide. (Class or Game related)
2. Post the guide here: http://pristontale.eu/forums/forumdisplay.php?fid=8 (In the appropriate section)
3. Wait for the event to end. ( Sunday 28 October )

We hope to see many great guides so that we can use those to help out new players!

Good luck!
8. Oct, 2018
Patch v2.304
Patch v2.304 is now live!

- Added client optimizations to handle more items/drops on the floor
- Cheat protection upgrades

Always update the game before playing!
1. Oct, 2018
Patch v2.303
Client version v2.303 is now live.

* Alert TOP PvP/Level Class logging in.
* Daily quests reset if not completed within 24 hours.
* Added TOP Level class aura/titles.

* Added Ctrl+ Atk members of your guild
* Adjusted how BP points work.
* Modified the King PVP settings.
* Adding new King PVP titles+auras ( all classes )
* New Alert Player killed Player

Fixed skill Incarnation Knights
Fixed Daily Quest open Warehouse
Fixed Daily Quest level 100+
Adjusted Daily quests 100 kills

Always use PSupdate.exe to update your client.
23. Sep, 2018
Patch v2.301
Pristontale EU V2.301 Is now live!

- New settings menu
- Loot filter
- Fullscreen fixed
- Direct client adjusting
- Alt-tab FPS limit removed
- New daily quests level 80/90/100

Download the update now with psupdate.exe!
17. Sep, 2018
Patch v2.300
Greetings Pristontale EU players,

We highly recommend to re-download the entire game client and re-install the game for the best possible gameplay experience.

With this patch come these updates:
- Premium in-game shop
- FPS optimization
- Anti-Cheat protection upgrade

Don't want to re-download the game?
You could make the current installation work if you DELETE these 4 files: (But It's best to re-download the game here)
- font
- dsound.dll
- game.dll
- libiconv.dll

Have fun!
27. Aug, 2018
Patch v2.202
The new update is live make sure your client is now at v2.202 or you will not be able to connect!

- Added costumes to Pristontale EU
- Updated anti-cheat
- Updated iron1 spawn (xp per kill lower)

Costumes will be added to the 'game/coin shop' soon.
Also, costumes will be rewarded during certain upcoming events!
14. Aug, 2018
Patch v2.200
Maintenance is done, make sure to run psupdate.exe for the latest updates. Patch v2.200!

- Bronze Wolverine now spawns only in Bamboo Forest.
- Silver/Gold Wolverine now spawns only in Acacia Grove
- Premium buffs can now be removed.
- Premium buffs 'mins' has been set to 'hours'.
- Gold drops are increased overall.
- Spawn sizes are reduced to classic. (Still equal exp)
- Drop rates for hunting maps have been slightly increased.
- Bless Castle now has tower defense.
- I1/I2 monsters now have 20% less HP
- You now have a chance every hour for an 'online' reward! So stay in-game!
- All Pot lady now sells all three cores + blue core for 150k.
- Added missing bosses to certain maps.
- Castle of Lost now is accessible to any level player. ( we accidentally had it set to level 100 )

Have fun!
7. Aug, 2018
Pristontale EU - RESULTS: Survey #2
Thank you all for voting on the community poll.


Gameplay Changes
Suggestion 1: Reduce spawns to normal sizes and increase the exp rate. (This allows for a normal no leach meta)
- Yes ( We will reduce spawn sizes but increase EXP gain per kill ) In the next update.
Suggestion 2: Bless Castle entrance price
- Will be slightly reduced.
Suggestion 3: Bless Castle CTRL team attack
- Will be added back into the game
Suggestion 4: Add "Helper NPC" level 1-50 player buff ( Additional gold/drop rates)
- Will be added in the next update.
Suggestion 5: Reduce I1 and I2 monster HP by 20%
- Will be added in the next update.
Suggestion 9: Pause Force timer in Town.
- Will be added.

Donation Shop changes
Suggestion 1: Add Third Eye to the Game shop (40%) Additional drop chance.
- Yes 85,1%
Suggestion 2: Add Spec stones for mixing
- Yes 73,9%
Suggestion 3: Add Mature stones (Add 20% to mature bar)
- Yes 87,2%

Bonus updates:
- Cancel premium buffs
- A slight increase of drop chance on bosses/hunting monsters
- An increase of gold dropped for all monsters (Could be temporary depending on the results)
- Online rewards ( chance to win an item every hour )

NOTE: If a suggestion wasn't listed it didn't get through by the lack of votes. You can view all results on the survey to ensure we're not lying about anything.

Thank you all for voting and your feedback messages.
4. Aug, 2018
Pristontale EU - Survey #2
We've been listening to your suggestions over the past period of time and now is the time to cast your votes on the survey!

Any suggestion with a 70%+ positive voting rate will be implemented into Pristontale EU.

Happy voting!

Click here to vote!
1. Aug, 2018
New website!
Pristontale EU is always working to provide the best possible Pristontale experience on the internet.

This website has many new features for you to easily navigate and gather information required to help you in-game.
It's not completely finished yet but we're getting there!

New features:
- SOD ranking page
- PVP ranking
- Mixing formulas
- Aging guide

Soon adding:
- Quest guides
- Class guides
- Media

- Pristontale EU Staff Team.
10. Jul, 2018
Double EXP weekends!
Join now because Pristontale EU is hosting two Double EXP weekends!

This is in celebration of the mass amount of updates pushed to Pristontale EU. Fixing many annoying crashes and increase the overall stability of the game!

Play during the weekend of 13-15 July and 20-22 July and level at 2x EXP rates!