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I have some ideas that some of you may or may not find interesting and that could help the server further into development.
The reason for this topic is to see if you guys agree with some of these points and maybe get them in game in a later stage.
Some of them require alot of coding and i don't know if they are even possible to do but they are just some suggestions.

1. Make a suggestion tab on the forum
     This kinda speaks for itself as there is none at the moment.

2. Make pots bankable
     It would be so much better if we could just stack an infinite amount of potions in the bank, espacially mana pots.

3. Create bank tabs
     This would also make it much more enjoyable to play since you don't have to create so many mules.
     I would say create 4 extra bank tabs that you can unlock at level 20 - 40 - 60 - 80. The way to unlock it could be either pay
     a high amount of cash, do some warehouse quest,...

4. Rebirth
     This is the biggest one of my ideas. Basically i noticed that leveling up goes rather fast and that there's a lot of people getting bored when they reach level 90.
     What i was thinking of is some kind of rebirth quest where you can reset your character to level 1 but get a permanent additional buff.
     The experience you get each time you rebirth get's reduced by a big percentage (Like the one you have now when you hit 51)
     Example: At level 95 you get the chance to do the rebirth quest, you succeed and start as a level 1 again (gear should be banked before the reset)
                   The awards could go anywhere from +10% drop rate, +40 stat points, + 5 abs, .... the possibilitys are endless.
                   But you get a permanent debuff that reduces the experience you get by 20%, 30%,...
                   Each time you rebirth (maybe set a max to 5) you stack the buffs and debuffs making it harder to level but your character will have the benefits.
     This makes the game alot harder and longer than it is now. (It would be an unique feature)

Hope you  like em and please leave a comment!

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