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2. Jul, 2020
July community update
Community update time!

Greetings heroes!
Another month, another update!  Time to get you all up-to-date with the plans for this month and our overall view on Pristontale EU the upcoming time.

As most of you've seen we've sent out our first community update through email this month! These emails will become a monthly habit to keep you all informed of updates and events. They can also contain bonuses for your account!

We've published a new event calendar on our discord channel, you can find it here.

July event calender
Saturday 4th July, Sub gear mixes update.
Saturday 11th July, 108 Map/items release.
Friday 17th July - Monday 20th July, Free Event Girl.
Saturday 25th July, Lost Temple converted to Grinding map.

Youtube guides series
We're working on a youtube series to introduce new players to the game, this is our first published video demonstrating how questing works in Pristontale.

That's all for now Heroes, have a great time!
12. Jun, 2020
Wanted Wolf event!
Wanted Wolf Event is starting at 7:00 Server time!

This is a HUNT event and will run for 48 hours. Players who get the most kills the first 24 hours will win prizes!

Get the most kills and win:
1st place: 1500 Premium coins.
2nd place: 1000 Premium coins.
3rd place: 500 Premium coins.

Twenty Wanted Wolfs will be hiding in these random maps:
- Garden of Freedom
- Bamboo Forest
- Acacia Groove
- Refuge of the Ancients
- Castle of the Lost
- Ruinen Village
- Cursed Land
- Forgotten Land
- Oasis
- Forest of Spirits
- Land of Dusk
- Valley of Tranquility
- Road to the Wind

Upon caught, he'll drop a bunch of gold!

Event is to stimulate the market with some gold, boosting the server economy

Good luck with the Hunt!
Wanted Wolf
CaradepalKS 20
Bryan 19
Kindaichi 19
4 ~QP~ 18
5 NoWay 18
6 Mo 18
7 mat 18
8 UllysisFS 18
9 Nikita 17
10 Achilies 17