Inconvient restarts or issues to be expected
6. Feb, 2019
Pristontale EU Reborn | Open Beta
Greetings Pristontale EU Community,

We'll be soon going into an open beta phase where we'll be testing the stability of the game server and game client.
During the open beta, we've prepared a couple nice features for you as follows.

Open beta features:
- 1x Rates
Pristontale EU will always fancy being a hardcore Pristontale server. We'll motivate players to push the boundaries and work hard to achieve the next level. With the new questing system we'll definitely be pushing you to reward yourself for your hard work in order to speed up the process slightly. Hunting bosses with a party of friends or strangers, completing daily and progressive missions etc.

- Quest ! & ? (Display markings)
We think it's important that Pristontale gets a better new player introduction system.
The quest display markings are a way to learn new players the objectives and possibilities of the game.

- Progressive Quests level 1-20
We want to offer a large questing system aside from your average day of grinding in Pristontale.
For the open beta, you'll be able to follow a full quest line that will help you to achieve level 20. For the official launch, we want to push that to level 80!

- Daily Boss hunting quests
Objectives to hunt world bosses all around Priston to gain bonus experience and gear. These quests can be completed as a party so gather your friends together!

- Unlimited Donation points
During the open beta, any player will get a 100% free access to all premium store items to use them and report any issues that you might find.

- Assassin and Shaman Class
During the open beta, the assassin and shaman class will be available.
Depending on the player feedback and overall game influence we'll see if we keep them for the official launch.

We want Pristontale EU to be a forever expanding hardcore experience with many challenging aspects to the game.
Hence why we've prepared some future plans for you to look forward to.

Future plans:
- Raid Bosses
Encounters where big groups of at least 10 heroes will have to team up and fight the raid boss in order to slay him for some great loot!

- In-game Quest Menu
Alike to many MMORPG's you can find all quest information and logs in the game this is definitely something we wish to add to Pristontale EU.

- Competitive PVP/War
We'd love to develop a competitive war system where clans can challenge each other to big duels and leaders of the PVP/War rankings will be rewarded.

The open beta will take place on the 8th of February!

See you on Friday!