Your greatest adventure awaits!
24. Mar, 2020
Regulation update and news!
Hello Heroes,

Today's news post is about a couple of changes in our regulations and information about the future. 
First of all, we're updating our game rules as shown at #game-rules on our discord server.

Update to game-rules.

Rule number 10, gets an update and now states:
10. Intentionally griefing other players gameplay such as luring, tag targeting, monster tagging, boss tagging/stealing.

To enforce this rule the player has to provide video material regarding the matter. The use of NVIDIA shadowplay could be useful to quickly record footage from the past minutes. This is to ensure we can give out fair punishments.

Breaking the rule will have your account suspended for a full 24 hours. Repeated misbehavior can lead to longer suspensions as we see fit. 

To reduce the odds of players killing bosses that are irrelevant to their level. We're adjusting the maximum level of boss quests. This means a level 80 can no longer do a level 40 quest.

Now onto the future of Pristontale EU.

As you've all have noticed we've seen a significant influx of new players. We've been going passed our regular player peaks almost every day. To keep things clear for all types of players we're going to work out a roadmap. This roadmap will display our intended schedule for updates and changes. Full details about the roadmap will follow soon.

Coming up soon, ET3 and Ice Mines. Set with a requirement level of 102 and 105 ( Possibly level 103/106. ) Followed by a level 108 map about a month later. The roadmap will provide better detail about this.

Also, we're working on Event Calenders, the once we're all familiar with from previous Pristontale experiences. These will display exactly when certain events will be active and for how long. Make sure to keep a close eye on our news page and Discord for our latest updates. 

That's all for now, followed by more news very soon.
Best of luck in the world of Priston heroes.
27. Feb, 2020
New updates!
Time for an update,

Ranking list:

We've updated our in-game ranking NPC to display separate brackets for all classes. You'll now see the top 50 players per class and overall server top 50.  The players will be ordered by level and % keeping the player with the highest % in the level at the #1 place.


To improve the visibility of monster behavior we've added new icons to our mini-map.
All bosses will now display a 'Boss' icon on the mini-map. Bosses will also now always spawn on the map even if no player is nearby.
A bonus to this is that the Bosses will stay in the map for 5 minutes after the Boss timer to allow players to hunt them after the spawn timer. Wolverines for the Tempskron first rank-up quest will also display to make tracking them down easier. We're also tinkering with possible updates to Quest tracking and other things.

Congratulations and thanks to 'Doom_kitty' for submitting the boss icon and winning the artist event of 300 premium credits.

Personal Shop:

As we've announced previously is that we're working on our personal shop update. In the image below you can see we're developing multiple sizes on Personal shops. You'll be able to unlock different tiers of personal shops by doing quests and other activities in-game.

Keep in mind that this update isn't finished yet and is subject to change.

Mobile Pristontale:
We're making great progress on developing our version of Pristontale Mobile. And we're eager to showcase updates and implementations of features. Make sure to keep a close eye on our news page on Discord to make sure you'll not miss out!

That's all for now, enjoy Pristontale EU!
10. Feb, 2020
Events and updates!
Hello Heroes,

Valentine event:
During the time between the 14th and 15th of February, you'll receive a Big Head of Love! They will grant the usual +150 weight bonus and a hp/mp regen bonus during the event.

Quest update:
All our quest text and information have been updated. This is to make the overall questing experience more entertaining and informative.  
The quests will display more detailed information about the quest and the objective/reward.

Guides/Media (recruiting video artist)
In the future we'll be working on video guides to help new players understand Pristontale a bit better.

As of right now, we're recruiting a video artist willing to join the team to handle these videos. Being part of the Pristontale EU team is volunteerly for the love of the game. You can reach out to our staff on Discord if you'd like to help us out!

The Grand Fury Arena:
This update the Grand Fury Arena will open! Lord Babel and King Fury will challenge you to battle every 4 hours. 
Defeating Lord Babel or King fury will be a challenge with neat rewards. The faster you defeat them the better the reward. You'll be able to exchange the item reward at Albus P.W.B. Dumbledore to receive your reward.

Lord Babel required level 80-95
King Fury required level 95+

Permanent Event Girl:
The Event Girl has decided to forever stay around on Pristontale EU. She does charge a hefty fee now to get your skill/stat resets.
Depending on the player's level the price will increase, you can now reset separate stats/all stats and all skills.
During Valentine's event, she'll not charge you any gold (the 14-15th February)

May the luck of the hunt be always in your favor.
All updates listed above are too be expected before the 14th of February 2020.
26. Jan, 2020
Development plan for 2020.

This will be a great year!
A new year has begun, and we're ready to continue working on our passionate project Pristontale EU. We'd like to give you a short insight into our plans for 2020, what content and updates are to be expected.  Some of the information we'll provide in this post is subject to change nearing the update.

Many of you might already know that on our Discord server #developer-notes exists. This section already teases a lot of what we're doing behind the scene. Discord also offers a great way to interact with our team and players. Most of the game support is also handled through Discord.

The Grand Fury
Soon to be expected on Pristontale EU is the Grand Fury Event. We're re-balancing it to be an event for level 80+ and 95+ (Lord Babel and Grand Fury) If you're unfamiliar with the 'Grand Fury event' it's an event that occurs multiple times per day where high-level players battle raid bosses known as Lord Babel and Grand Fury.

Player shops
Player personal shop updates, we're looking to improve the UI for player shops. Including the option to open 'offline/closed client' shops. This will make the market more active for all player levels.

Content update
Content update, Endless Tower floor 1(lv.100), floor 2(lv.100) will be coming out soon! With the release of these three new maps, the level cap will move from 100 to 120! The floors will unlock progressively. This means that we'll start with Endless Tower floor 1 and floor 2 and then add floor 3 in the near future. 

Endless Tower floor 1 and floor 2, and a level cap raise to 120 is to be expected this week.

That's all for now, stay safe and enjoy!
More updates and information will follow.
1. Jan, 2020
Happy new year!
Pristontale EU wishes you the best in 2020!

28. Dec, 2019
Merry Christmas and SoD update!
Pristontale EU wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Christmas event:
You can currently find Santa Goblins roaming the world of Priston. They are carrying Santa's stolen goods! 
Kill them and recover the items to receive gifts from Rudolph the reindeer and craft Santa costumes and Santa hats!

The event will run until January 13th

We're going to be closing our forums soon if you want to recover/save any information to ensure to do so this week.
The reason we're closing the forums is that we're doing all our updates/announcements on]Discord. It's more responsive and easily moderated, so]join us on there today!

Survive or Die:
We've implemented SoD into the server for level 80+ scoreboard/leaderboards and crowns are now active.
Survive or Die is a mini-game where you'll need to defeat waves of monsters solo or with a group of up to 6 players. The highest scoring clan/team will receive the Golden crown, 2nd place Silver crown, and 3rd place Bronze crown.

Good luck, and have fun!
26. Nov, 2019
Double EXP weekend!
We wanted to give a reward to our first level 100 player, Rainndance.

She decided that everyone should enjoy the fact that she's the first to reach the maximum level of 100.
November 29 until 1 December Start time 19:00 Server time.

Keep in mind
Double exp weekends will not be frequent and stay incredibly rare as it heavily affects the game progression flow. And weakens our 'hardcore' approach to the game.

We only do this as celebration and rewarding Rainndance with her desired event.

Happy EXPing!
17. Nov, 2019
Newcomer welcome and mega patch!
Hi Heroes,

We're glad to announce that we've managed to push a big update reworking and adding up a lot of content. You can find a detailed list here. Also NEW is a free 1-hour experience potion and a third eye for any new player! 

More amazing updates are on the way and we'll be announcing the data for an upcoming 2x EXP event soon.

Make sure to join us on discord? and vote every 12 hours on the user panel for free premium coins.

Happy hunting!
5. Nov, 2019
Gameplay update!
Hello everyone!

It's time to push out some information and update you all on the upcoming updates. Here's a little schedule:

New Solo Quests level 40-100
New Group quests 35-100
Halloween event ends

First level 100:
An Event decided by the first level 100 will be announced.

A 7-day timer will start to release:
Kelvezu Lair will open and be set to level 95.
Ice2 will be set to level 90

A 14-day timer until LoC will open with a level 100 requirement.

Aside from that our team has had a very busy month in October. However, we're back at full power and you'll see us around more!

Still improving to be the best Pristontale server out there!

Thank you all for being with us, have fun!
3. Oct, 2019
Manual launcher update!
Hello Pristontale EU community,

We've got a important update to announce which is related to the game Launcher.
Currently the old game launcher will display the server as 'offline' but we're online!

You can download our new launcher by using the following download links:

Google drive

We're also glad to announce that we're now fully protected versus gold/exp and stat hackers.
This will give us time to focus our development on features such as SOD(Bellatra) clan systems and class balance.

To stay up-to-date with all our changes make sure to join our Discord server.

That's all for now best of luck EXPing and hunting!
16. Sep, 2019
A recap on the first couple weeks!

First of all what an amazing first couple of weeks! We're super happy with how Pristontale EU is doing so far. Hundreds of players are actively playing on our servers.

It's been a bit of a bumpy ride the first week but we've managed to stabilize the second week. Improvements to our anti-cheat and network protections have done the overall server well.

The anti-cheat is quite sensitive so far and has banned users for false reasons. But has also banned tons of actual cheaters and ensured a safe gaming environment! Feel free to contact our Game Masters on Discord to appeal any false bans.

From this point on we're going to change our focus of development onto the gameplay aspects of the server. We'll now start working down the reported game bugs and issues. Commonly reported issues related to class balance is one of our main priorities.

Feel free to provide us with feedback and suggestions on our forums. This gives us the chance to improve Pristontale EU daily and make a better Pristontale experience for everyone.

For now, we wish you all the best loot and tons of EXP!
16. Aug, 2019
The launch is near! August 24!

Hello Pristontale EU fans,

The time has come the server is ready to launch! A brand new experience awaits you. Hardcore, Classic Pristontale!

The server will feature the classic low experience rate, and drop rates. A linear questline to help you progress the early levels and daily quests for each zone and in-game boss. We'll be developing updates to all content over the course of time but stay close to the original Pristontale gameplay experience.

We shall focus on a play-to-win game style and keep the coin shop advantages to the minimum. Most of the features in the coin shop will be cosmetic and are a way to support the server.

We're looking forward to seeing you on August 24!

- Pristontale EU Team
27. Mar, 2019
Development progress and plans
Hello Pristotanle EU community,

We're almost a month into the open beta and have gathered a lot of valuable data. Data which learned us a lot about the current state of our servers gameplay progression. Overall balance and features provided on the server. Data especially showed that skills, items, monsters, and stats still need a lot of balancing changes over the next period of time. This is because we're looking to really bring the game back to its former glory.

We're looking to give you a game that will be entertaining and challenging for a long period of time rather than breezing through the game as currently happens in many Priston worlds. The meta of spawning 20 crystals to do all the work in the early levels is something we think is a disgrace to the game. We want you to feel immersed with your character and really work your way up from the beginning until the level cap. A good example would be that we've brought back crystal level requirements and spawn caps.

Agreeing that not everything was great and some gameplay is just a 'nostalgic' feeling. Pristontale EU also develops new features such as the questing system, new raids bosses and a bunch of more features being added over time. But will always try to keep close to the core of the game.

Where three things are crucial:
- Difficulty
- Progression
- Rewards

With Pristontale EU not ready for an official launch I'd like to go over our current development plan and thinking process with you. In order for you, our community to understand what still has to be done.

Development plan:

Recently our team has grown significantly with new developers joining the project. This allows us to spread the workload over multiple developers rather than pushing it all to a single developer. Priston Tale is a game which is highly underdeveloped and runs a lot of old code. This will cause issues in the long run. Now to prevent it from causing issues we're re-working the entire framework of which Pristontale EU will run in. Re-working the networking, database services and more.
With the optimized framework, we'll be able to provide a secure and stable service. Which will be needed to handle the interest we've seen in Pristontale EU.

Meanwhile, we're bringing the skill, monster and item balance back to the era of 2004-2006. Keep in mind that this isn't the final balancing but rather a position we can start balancing from. Some sources we're basing this on: link1, link2, link3.

While we're working on all these changes we're also developing new quests. We've heard a lot of feedback regarding the currently implemented quests and will keep this in mind when developing them in the future. Key to these is the difficulty and reward provided by them. In the near future, we'll start pushing out patch notes in order for you to keep track of the progress we're making. As of right now most patch notes only got displayed on our discord server.

We appreciate you all being with us every step of the development process and will continue listening to all your feedback to ensure Pristontale EU will be the very best for you. The open beta server will continue running but will have more frequent restarts and test runs from now. This can cause inconveniences which we just want to ensure you are aware of when playing the beta server.

I hope this provides answers to the questions you all had. If you have more questions feel free to post on discord or on our forums.

Kind regards,
Pristontale EU Team.
6. Feb, 2019
Pristontale EU Reborn | Open Beta
Greetings Pristontale EU Community,

We'll be soon going into an open beta phase where we'll be testing the stability of the game server and game client.
During the open beta, we've prepared a couple nice features for you as follows.

Open beta features:
- 1x Rates
Pristontale EU will always fancy being a hardcore Pristontale server. We'll motivate players to push the boundaries and work hard to achieve the next level. With the new questing system we'll definitely be pushing you to reward yourself for your hard work in order to speed up the process slightly. Hunting bosses with a party of friends or strangers, completing daily and progressive missions etc.

- Quest ! & ? (Display markings)
We think it's important that Pristontale gets a better new player introduction system.
The quest display markings are a way to learn new players the objectives and possibilities of the game.

- Progressive Quests level 1-20
We want to offer a large questing system aside from your average day of grinding in Pristontale.
For the open beta, you'll be able to follow a full quest line that will help you to achieve level 20. For the official launch, we want to push that to level 80!

- Daily Boss hunting quests
Objectives to hunt world bosses all around Priston to gain bonus experience and gear. These quests can be completed as a party so gather your friends together!

- Unlimited Donation points
During the open beta, any player will get a 100% free access to all premium store items to use them and report any issues that you might find.

- Assassin and Shaman Class
During the open beta, the assassin and shaman class will be available.
Depending on the player feedback and overall game influence we'll see if we keep them for the official launch.

We want Pristontale EU to be a forever expanding hardcore experience with many challenging aspects to the game.
Hence why we've prepared some future plans for you to look forward to.

Future plans:
- Raid Bosses
Encounters where big groups of at least 10 heroes will have to team up and fight the raid boss in order to slay him for some great loot!

- In-game Quest Menu
Alike to many MMORPG's you can find all quest information and logs in the game this is definitely something we wish to add to Pristontale EU.

- Competitive PVP/War
We'd love to develop a competitive war system where clans can challenge each other to big duels and leaders of the PVP/War rankings will be rewarded.

The open beta will take place on the 8th of February!

See you on Friday!
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