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Mega patch v1130.

Party system
- Adjusted # of loot dropped for party mode. Was giving 1 too many

Online reward
- Now every 30 minutes. Was one hour
- All Mature Stone A/B/C included also now with equal chances
- Removed Hair Pots A/B/C
- When in Ricarten or Pillai you will receive a pop-up message box notification
  - Useful when running a shop overnight. You can quickly check if you won anything the next day.
- When outside of town, such as while in the middle of an epic battle with Babel,
    you will get a time-based notification text appearing top that will
    go away on its own after 10s
- Online reward notification will also appear in the notification chat window.

New players
- 1 hour 30% EXP increase is automatically given and activated at new character creation
- 1 hour THIRD is automatically given and activated at new character  creation

- Fixed a bug where the 'gold' quest icon appears above the Warehouse Keeper when the player is below level 40.

- Stamina potions now give twice the amount
- Health and Mana potions give an increased amount.
- Vampire teeth now give flat 5HP regen. Was lower before
- Introduced 90a/b/c
  - Level 95/98 items are now level 90
  - This allows you to age these items up to a high value due to level cap

- Ice2 is now level 90 (Classic)
- Kelvezu's Lair is now level 90 (Classic)
- Land of Chaos (Lost Island) is now level 95 (Classic)

- Novice quests #3-7 now give gold values upon completion (2,500 to 50,000)
- Added new lone wolf quests for level 20-40
- Added new lone wolf quest for level 90
- Added party quests for level 90+ (Ice 1)
- Added new party-only quests for level 20-90 (Kill total amount of monsters at the specific map)
  - These quests can only be completed in groups!
- Increased EXP for all party quests
- Increased EXP for solo quests
- All boss quests now give gold
- All boss quests now give increased EXP points

- Added lone wolf quest master to Pillai Town
- Removed spawn flags near all NPCs to make it a safe haven
- Added Quest Master to
  - Dun2
  - Dun3
  - CT2
  - Eura Village
- Added Pot lady/gentleman NPC to
  - Oasis
  - Dun2
  - Dun3
  - Beehive entrance
  - Forbidden Land
  - Iron 1
  - Iron 2
  - Greedy Lake
- Moved all Quest Masters to Pot lady NPC
- Removed Nav core from all Pot lady NPC expect for Navisko town
- All Pot lady NPC now sells both Pillai and Ricarten core

- Removed spawn flags near all NPCs to make it a safe haven
- Introduced strategic spawn flags
  - Sparse Spawn flags (9+ flags) = good for a party consisting of multiple ranged and solo hitters
  - Grouped Spawn flags (5 + 4 + 3) = good for split party mode. It requires a team effort to make it work.
  - Dense Spawn flags (typically 7 flags) = good for solo AoE players
- Adjusted some spawns in some maps
  - Oasis
  - Dun1
  - Dun3
  - Iron1
  - Kelvezu's Lair
  - Beehive
  - Dark Sanctuary
- Adjusted spawn chance of hard / hunt monsters to be lower
  - Typhoon
  - Ratoo
  - Grotesque
  - Iron Fist
  - Devil Bird
  - Chaos Cara
  - Bloody Knight

- Increased EXP yield from Ice1/Ice2 monsters
- Adjusted HP values for LoC monsters
- Adjusted loot table for LoC monsters

- Removed Zzangpy's identical brother Zzingpy
  - Zzangpy will be a little sad so please leave him alone this week
  - Zzingpy will now spawn every 1 hour. You can get to say hi to him.

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