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Resme's suggestions & bugs (last up. 9.2.18)
Making one thread and updating it with my suggestions for the final server stage.

Map monster spawns
  • Increase the monster spawns and add more spawns to each map (not crazy spawns but spawns where at least 3 people could exp).
  • I noticed e.g Ruinen Village had the most popular HS consisting of around 5 monsters, that's clearly not enough for even a party of 2 players.
Coin shop
  • In my opinion items that increase your hp or mp regen by 10 is way too op (at lower level stage for sure, not sure about higher level phase) - you literally do not need to use MP or HP potions as 2x pikeman.
Party level cap
  • Decrease it back to 9-11. Currently don't think there is even a cap (Party level 35 invited level 1 to party).
King Fury
  • You probably already know but its for lv.110+ right now, probably should rework it for around lv.80+ players.


  • S.O.D does not seem to work.
Character defense & attack formulas
  • I could tank Oasis HS with my level 11 pikeman and deal around 5-10% of Headcutter's damage with each hit, so yeah.. something has to be wrong.
  • There was 2x knight at Oasis hs using level 10 skill and killing with with hits, etc.

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