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LF guide
Hello fellow fighers !

I would like some inputs on how to level skills.

I have never reached endgame of fighters, so i would appreciate if someone had someinput what to go for etc.!

Thanks in advance Smile

Yo !

Tier 1
Melee Mastery

Tier 2
Brutal Swing (becase - later on, Brutal Swing passively gives Avenging Crash extra crit)

Tier 3
Swift axe
Avenging Crash (High Crit) OR Bone Crash (Extra DMG vs Demons). If you choose Bone crash you dont really need brutal swing, which frees up some skillpoints.
Concentration (added atk rating)

Tier 4
Berserker (it gives alot of DMG but takes away absorb during the buff duration so be careful about how many points you spend on it)
Destroyer (strongest 1v1 skill in the game)

These are the most essential skills, and the remaining skillpoints you can distribute however you want to. Better stun ? Roar. Halfdecent aoe ? Rage of Zechram.

One thing, im not sure if Concentration and Berserker stacks in this version, ask Chaos Smile

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