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Mechanic SKILL
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The vast majority of players who choose to play with mechanic prefer an AUTOMAC. I realize that your files are from the first version of Fortress PT, where the DEV Prog, was wrong in creating limitations for this class.

MP Drain 35.0
SP Drain 25.0 

It is very high, just as the drain effect is continuous even without attacking. This causes severe damage to the class which makes it impossible to play. Well you can not even walk, so activate the skill automation.

I suggest doing what DEV Prog itself did in the current version.

MP Drain 16.0
SP Drain 14.0

And the drain effect is only applied when attacking 

I do not know how T4 is, because I could not do the quest with Automation like this. So I can not comment on T4.

tkz  Undecided

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