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Yo !

To start off i want to say that i love the traditional / oldschool PristonTale just as much as anyone, but in saying that i am also not against changes. As awesome as PristonTale is, lets be honest, we all know a thing or two that can be quite tedious. Some changes can and most likely will be improvements to our old, beloved game.

With this said, i in no way want the game to become easy to the point of boredom, quite the opposite- I want it to be hard. I want drops to be low, and experience gain to be even lower. I want a +6 aged item to be like "damn that guy is rich" Big Grin Transparos a rarity, Murkies a legend and Devines just a myth. A level 30 weapon at level 40 to be considered good. A Slayer or Full Plate Armor dropping in dun2 being close to invaluable. All these things have value based of our hard work, which is why i dont want level 1-70 to just be rushed through in a few nights, but a struggle... and a journey. 

Upgrades should feel like upgrades, not gear that you just slap on quickly because its level appropriate, almost free and there is an abunance of, and you know that you will have better stuff waiting in a few levels anyway. Mobs should hit hard and be a real danger, with a chance of a reward (item droping) not just something you mindlessly AOE grind as fast as possible to get that next level. Risk vs reward. Cheesy but true - "it's not the destination it's the journey" 

This is just my personal preference, and i understand that most people, including oldschool players might not want it to be THAT extreme. But how about somewhere in between ?  

--- Quests ---

First of all i love the idea of more quests, especially for newcomers, its a great addition and something that i look forward to be expanded upon ! I dont mind repeatable exp quests, or dailys, but whats important is that the grind stays the core component of leveling !

--- Skill Balance --- TLDR Revive (buff) some of the old skills that have Static damage, its simply unviable. Some of them are pretty cool. 

Examples are Mechanic Bomb, which scales terribly and does not increase in AOE whatsoever, and has a static damage component. Same thing goes for Fighters only early game AOE skill, Rage of Zecram. It does terrible damage and only gives +2% dmg per skillpoint invested.

These are just some examples of old skills that could be buffed, at least slightly. I like the diversity in classes and Im not saying every class needs to be leveling like a mage, just that some of the older skills are simply unusable despite being a good idea originally.

There are many, many other old skills that could need some love, and i think it would be refreshing to see them at least somewhat used once again. More options = more fun.
All that really needs to be done is some number tweaking.

--- Exp rates --- 

To be completely honest, even with a quite bad leveling class (FS) it was pretty fast even up to level 75 when i stopped, alot faster than i thought it would be. Especially when entering new maps / areas for the first few levels, the exp gain just skyrocketed for some reason. A little bump in experience gain when entering a new map isnt a problem at all, in fact its the way its supposed to be, but needs to be toned down in order to make exping smoother.

--- Spawn rates ---

This kind of ties into "exp rates", spawnrates / density is generally pretty low, except for the hellspawns that are completely overcrowded compared to every other place. There are a few places that stand out, for example when i leveled i was in Oasis HS from level 20 something all the way to 55, then right to beehive HS almost all the way to 70-

This leaves out alot of other great, nostalgic and cool areas such as the entire DUN1-3, BoA, Dark Sanc, Forbidden Land etc. I checked and the exp / h isnt even comparable to something as efficent as Beehive or Oasis. I know there has to be, and always will be a "best" place to exp for corresponding level, but if we could even them out a little bit, i think that would be really good.

--- Drop rates ---

Complete inflation (waaay too much stuff dropping) during my testing, but this is one of the things that isnt hard to change, and possibly already is at a decent rate. As i said i would rather want too few drops, than too many.

--- Balance ---

I know a few skills were heavily overtuned when i played, and most of them are probably already fixed, but for example Shaman AOE did almost the entire screen of damage, and as much as my singletarget skill Avenging crash, only difference was that the Shaman did the damage in quicker intervals. Mobs died as they spawned, pretty much. Knights skills Sword blast does AOE like DIAS. 

--- Acc share / Exp-Boosting---

This isnt something gameplay related exactly, but something that Dietzoid brought up on Discord, and come to think of it it has ruined the gameplay experience for alot of people, on alot of other servers. What happens is 1 person plays 5-6 accounts, takes up a whole spawn and leeches with all but one character. It might not seem like such a big thing, but when you only have a few select areas that have good spawnrates per map, it becomes a big problem once these spots are taken 24/7 by one person leeching 5 others.

--- t5 ---

No. Im against it because It makes almost every skill before t5 null and void, except for some buffs. 

Please feel free to add anything in comments, these are just some major points that i could think of right now that i like to see changed / updated. What things do you want changed ? What big things did i forget ? (i have lots of minors as well, but the thread is becoming too long already xD ) I will add more stuff in time !

Thanks !
Reading your suggestions gave me flash back to a era in pristontale that filled my youth with joy haha. I remember seeing people with high ages and being like that who I want to be.
Excellent post! I agree with almost everything you highlighted. I'm new to the open beta so I'm testing out my first character and only level 1x. I shall come back later and give my opinions

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