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Feedback and suggestion
Hello , 
It's about 5 days i play now and that's the problem i encounter : 

-When is boss time to come , i've secondary monster's spawned but not the boss himself ( got it twice )
-Some item don't work :  Respec item, clean stone, union core fail 1/3 times )
- All mixed i tried failed even with your list
- Enigma force requiered lvl 75 to use but cannot use it as lvl 85 ( dunno if it's wrong lvl req or something esle )

Now my suggestion : 
-General suggestion : i think a exp table revisited won't be bad , the exp is too easy early game and expect it will be too long after 10x. I think just make general exp harder is not enough, lightly decrease the cap at high lvl ( i mean by that keep it long but not need to spent 18h/day to continu evolve other then 1 lvl per year, it will keep classic but not madness pt ! ) and increase at low lvl ( 3 days for lvl 85 is too fast ! )
-Low lvl sod ( specialy if is harder to exp low lvl ) 
-Let the player choose his phoenix instead of random ^^
-Add the possibility to not see exp on chat to see better loots in party Smile

-Pikeman suggestion : 
-Up Venom spear to 6 to 10 spears ^^ and maybe( not sure if it will change a lot) allow the poison to kill instead of let monster at 1 hp

That's it for the moment ! English isn't my main language so sorry if isn't easy to read !

Best regards,


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