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Development progress and plans
[Image: VnTHh8V.png]

Hello Pristotanle EU community,

We're almost a month into the open beta and have gathered a lot of valuable data. Data which learned us a lot about the current state of our servers gameplay progression. Overall balance and features provided on the server. Data especially showed that skills, items, monsters, and stats still need a lot of balancing changes over the next period of time. This is because we're looking to really bring the game back to its former glory.  

We're looking to give you a game that will be entertaining and challenging for a long period of time rather than breezing through the game as currently happens in many Priston worlds. The meta of spawning 20 crystals to do all the work in the early levels is something we think is a disgrace to the game. We want you to feel immersed with your character and really work your way up from the beginning until the level cap. A good example would be that we've brought back crystal level requirements and spawn caps.

Agreeing that not everything was great and some gameplay is just a 'nostalgic' feeling. Pristontale EU also develops new features such as the questing system, new raids bosses and a bunch of more features being added over time. But will always try to keep close to the core of the game.

Where three things are crucial:
- Difficulty
- Progression
- Rewards

With Pristontale EU not ready for an official launch I'd like to go over our current development plan and thinking process with you. In order for you, our community to understand what still has to be done.

Development plan:

Recently our team has grown significantly with new developers joining the project. This allows us to spread the workload over multiple developers rather than pushing it all to a single developer. Priston Tale is a game which is highly underdeveloped and runs a lot of old code. This will cause issues in the long run. Now to prevent it from causing issues we're re-working the entire framework of which Pristontale EU will run in. Re-working the networking, database services and more.
With the optimized framework, we'll be able to provide a secure and stable service.  Which will be needed to handle the interest we've seen in Pristontale EU.

Meanwhile, we're bringing the skill, monster and item balance back to the era of 2004-2006. Keep in mind that this isn't the final balancing but rather a position we can start balancing from. Some sources we're basing this on: link1, link2, link3.

While we're working on all these changes we're also developing new quests. We've heard a lot of feedback regarding the currently implemented quests and will keep this in mind when developing them in the future. Key to these is the difficulty and reward provided by them. In the near future, we'll start pushing out patch notes in order for you to keep track of the progress we're making. As of right now most patch notes only got displayed on our discord server.

We appreciate you all being with us every step of the development process and will continue listening to all your feedback to ensure Pristontale EU will be the very best for you. The open beta server will continue running but will have more frequent restarts and test runs from now. This can cause inconveniences which we just want to ensure you are aware of when playing the beta server.

I hope this provides answers to the questions you all had. If you have more questions feel free to post on discord or on our forums.

Kind regards,
Pristontale EU Team.
Nice !
<3 Meanwhile, we're bringing the skill, monster and item balance back to the era of 2004-2006. <3
Great question, we've had positive replies so far on keeping Shaman and Assassin in-game.
This does mean we have to balance them to fit the classic 'meta'.

We'll give our final statement on keeping those classes later.
server off?
Sounds great , love seeing a community with a lead who fills in the playerbase with details like this. Keep up the great work.

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