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PH player can't connect to server after a month. PT client says online first then turns offline "red font". CLIENT VER. 1012
I was having a similar issue connecting from the desktop short cut. Find your pristontale folder in the control panel and acess the client .exe and launch from there. It completely fixed the issue.
hmm thanks pal it works but I guess it will skip incoming patches soon but oh we're in Beta so... another thing does all of players progress will be wiped out too?
Hello Shiers,

The beta server is turning back into a closed beta server again soon as we're now near a state where we have the details we need and reports we looked for.

All player progression of the beta will be deleted at the official launch.

Kind regards,
It's full of bugs and crashes can't play at all. If use potion on hotkey it hangs up and client not responding.
What is your client version?
Closed due to inactivityity

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