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Bug Report 3-5-19 #2
  • Time:  3-5-2019 12am local time.

  • Location:  In-game  , Town of phillai and wind road quest #6 

  • Class:  Knight 

  • Game Client Version: Current

  • What did you do/[b][b][i]What is wrong?:[/b]

    ?: Questing and testing the server, For starters not sure if this is a bug or not but upon starting the first quest in town , Knight is told to pick up a sword in town however is given a wand, Follow up to quest number 6 killing 10 rabbies is the given objective. Noticed on several occasions kills were failing to count towards goal of 10, ended up take over 15 to complete. Minor bugs but report worthily non the less.  I noticed when utilizing a mystic crystal the last 5 kills work without pause. problem only seemed to be associated with kills from my end.  Last little bug to add into this post. Shop keepers are not opening windows. followed another post for fix, however still not working after a quick reinstall and disable of the firewall and utilizing administrator install. [/i][/b]

  • Anything else you can add: Overall love the quest features adds a great little tutorial to the game, I almsot wonder might they be blocking shop keep interactions though? When testing further by warping to ric, I noticed the keeps required quest to be completed for acesss to them. this same message did not pop up back in home city of phillai with knight

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