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Bug report: XP gain in party
  • Time:  17:27 on the 15th of May and earlier

  • Location: Anywhere in the priston world. In this example: ruinen village on 1 character and ricarten town on the other one.

  • Class: Assassin and PRS but should be bugged for all

  • Game Client Version: Open Beta V1.013

  • What did you do?: I made a party, placed one character in ruinen village and another one in Ricarten town. Then I killed 1 monster in ruinen village.

  • What is wrong?: I get 140%/2 experience after killing the monster, as should happen. However, this still happens when my PRS is in ricarten. So my Assassin gets less xp because he has a PRS in a party which is 5 maps away. The PRS character didn't get any experience while in Ricarten Town.

  • How should it be working?: Either the 140/2% experience should happen only when the 2 chars are in eachothers neighbourhood (for both of them) and it should be back to 100% for one when they are not. Or it should be 140/2% for 2 chars anywhere they are. 

  • Images/Video: I have a screenshot, but I don't really know how to add it here. I can easily post it on discord though.

  • Anything else you can add: I don't know if I'm very clear about the problem here. There is a certain % for partying up, but on the attacking character you still get that % even though your party member is halfway across the world, but the party member doesn't get the xp when he's not near.

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