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Quest not completing
7:20am PST
Pillai Town

I just created a character, talked to Annie a couple times for the fetch quests, and Boss Hunter William also had an "!" above his head so I talked to him and received the hunt quest for boss Zzangpy. A few quests later with Annie I received the quest to go meet Boss Hunter William. I am not able to complete this quest I assume because I still have the active quest from William to kill the boss Zzangpy. He still has a grey "?" above his head. So it looks like I grabbed the quests out of order and that caused me not able to complete the 'Talk to William quest' until after I find and kill the boss quest. Which is unfortunate because I was in the area when the boss timer reached zero but no boss spawned.

Here's a video showing the bug:

Update: Tried this with a Pikeman class and the same thing happened. So it doesn't let you complete the quest "Talk to William" if you already have the quest from him to hunt the boss. This can cause problems because it will lock you out of any further quests with Annie if the hunt boss Zzangpy quest is bugged and wont complete which is another issue I am having. Might be good to change it so William can't give you a boss quest until you have completed the quest from Annie to go talk to him

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