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Bug report: Spawn rates in Oasis
  • Time:  08:41 on the 20th of May

  • Location: Oasis.

  • Class: Assassin

  • Game Client Version: Open Beta V1.017

  • What did you do?: I used a teleport core to Oasis but couldn't find any monsters. Then I walked to the previous map (to the west of Navisco) and there I could find a monster or 2. Then I ran back to oasis and I did find some monsters, but the HS (near the houses) was completely empty.

  • What is wrong?: There are almost no monsters in the map. Way less than in previous versions.

  • How should it be working?: I think there should be more monsters, unless you decided to lower the spawn rate and remove the HS, then this is intended.

  • Images/Video: I have a screenshot, but I don't really know how to add it here. I can easily post it on discord though.

  • Anything else you can add: /
Resolved and closed.

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