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Pay to Win item shop
Just wanted to know if the current "pay to win" item shop will be removed when the game officially launches?

There are some obvious extreme pay to win items in this shop that really make no sense being in a server that claims to want to go back to the "true hardcore pt experience". Before going through each item in detail on why they shouldn't be in the game etc I thought I would just ask first to make sure it will be removed when the beta ends. Except of course for the cosmetics like the hair dyes. Obviously I understand the creators behind running the server need to get paid as they fully deserve to and I would love to support them, so why not add more useful cosmetics that don't break the game by crossing the pay to win line.

I've always wondered why more of these have never been added to pt. The hair dyes are great, more things like those firecrackers, emotes, how about pay for extra stash tabs in the warehouse? I would gladly pay $5-10 per extra stash tab to support.

If more ideas for fun cosmetics are needed, I'm sure the community can come up with lots of good ideas on the forum so there are many ways to support the devs without having EXP boosts or aging stones that allow you to get your item back after your aging attempt to +12 fails and you lose your item, completely removing all suspense to the aging game.

It may be obvious it will not be in the official release but I just wanted to clarify and make sure before I invest a bunch of time and support into the server. I certainly wont be playing if the pay to win items remain.


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