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Guaranteed Loot for Bosses?
I created a new character and was having a blast grinding Garden of Freedom with my dinky starter wand when the boss of the area spawned Zinngpy or whatever it's called. Took me a good few minutes to finally destroy him after luring him to a nice quiet area I could 1v1 him and then not a single drop of loot from that victory.

I am curious what ya'll think about making all bosses have 100% chance to drop stuff. Since they only spawn once an hour and if there's more than 1 person in a map, you don't know where it will spawn. It would give a lot more drive and excitement to hunt bosses for sure. 

A couple ideas are maybe enable bosses to drop a mini loot shower? The loot they can drop is a few levels above the zone area? Maybe bosses are guaranteed to drop at least 1 weapon and 1 armor piece? 

I don't know, just a thought I had during my play experience.

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