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Protect the Village! quest turn-in cancellation

Ruinen Village, Npc Lost Wanderer
As Priestess

Tried to turn in the Protect the Village! quest, 50/50 Monsters slain in Ruinen village. 

[Image: IoGOmPu.jpg]

Hit OK to enter the weapon selection window. Then hit cancel. Trying to turn in the quest again now will only give you the message 
You are finishing quest process!  and you get stuck in the menu and cannot exit nor move. Can use scroll but then you'd be stuck at that location instead.

Turning in and not canceling it works fine.

That's all!
The easiest way in life is to work hard.
Video is unavailable. Maybe you set it to private? Make sure it is set to Unlisted then we can watch it
The screen is still stuck and the quest is stuck unavailable to return after a relog?
Oops. The video should be available now. 

You could not move the character or close the dialogue. You might have been able to move the camera but I forgot. As mentioned, you could still use a scroll to say Pillai for example but if you did you would still be stuck in Pillai. Once relogged, everything works fine (as long as you don't cancel the quest again) and you can turn in the quest normally.
The easiest way in life is to work hard.

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