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Account banned
Is there a way to find out the reason of my account being banned?

I was just playing with a couple of other people in Ruinen, where I was trying to sell a couple of items I had previously looted to the blacksmith there. But right when I tried to sell a second item my game crashed. I thought that it was just a bug and tried to log in again, but I was met with the Account Banned prompt. It's a shame, since it's been quite a good time playing this game.

I do not remember doing anything bad or abusing exploits. Of course there is no proof of me not doing anything of that sort, but I had been kicked from the game so suddenly I had no chance of getting screenshots.

Had I done something that is not allowed, then I apologize and I will not do it again.

PS.: Account name is pinokio723
I'll investigate the account right now and see what happened, you definitely didn't get banned because of an exploit/abuse.
The anti-cheat might've made a mistake.

Sorry for the delay I've lifted your ban and improved the Anti-Cheat.

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