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Automation skill
First of all, congratulations for making automation useful! I have played bow and javelin mechs on many servers and I believe you are on the right track.

However, I think the mana cost right now is too high. Right now as a level 67 I can use lvl 9 automation ONLY when I activate 3 cash shop items: mana aura, mp down and big head of sadness. I also use stm down. And I also have to invest extra points into spirit.

While it is ok in the beta where we get free cash shop items, it will be virtually unplayable unless you pay. And then it will become basically pay2win which I understand we are trying to avoid.

The mana cost itself is a very good idea. It keeps things in balance since other classes need to use potions as well. It just needs to be reworked a bit. I would suggest a mana cost between 10-15 per second for lvl 10 automation. Then it will be enough to force mechs to invest some more points into spirit but not too much.

So in conclusion: awesome hunting skill, just balance the cost a bit. Overall a fine job.

Tinkeroid - an automech addict
Another thing worth consideration. Among T1-13 skills, there are only 2 right now that an automech needs absolutely - automation and mechanic weapon mastery. Anything else is virtually useless, especially if you choose bow instead of javelin. In other words if you ever reach lvl 100 you will have about 10-20 useless skillpoints.

Sure, with javelin you can invest 10 points in either extreme shield or spark shield. And sure, you can also sink another 10 points into poison attribute (which is only useful on 1 map).

I think it would be good to have more options than that. I suggest 1 of the following ideas:

a) make either physical absorption or metal armor useable with automation (right now they cancel each other)
b) make maximize useable with automation (they also cancel each other)
c) make spark useable with bows and javelins (in EPT for example, automation adds casting speed to spark)

Any of these 3 choices would give more options and would benefit character progression beyond level 70. The remaining skills are only for melee and don't serve an automech at all.

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