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Bug Report 23-6-19 - Instructor Annie not giving quest
  • Time: 14:05 GMT+2

  • Location:  Instructor Annie in Ricarten and outside.

  • Class: Pikeman

  • Game Client Version: Current

  • What did you do?: Completed the scorpion killing quest in RotA and went to turn it in, after that I changed to a 4:3 resolution.

  • What is wrong?:  I can't get a new quest from her even if it was a "!" above her head. Boss Hunter William worked fine, tried to change back to 16:9 resolution without any change. She is just repeating her phrases when I click on her. Restarting the client doesn't fix it for me atleast.

  • How should it be working?: Should get a new quest I guess?
Hello, TelleT that seems to be an issue because she's supposed to send you to Ruinen for your final quest we'll have a look at it.

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