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Sup :)
Hi all,
With lack of good quality mmos in this age (yeah WoW, ESO, GW fans - hate me, I played them all and still like PT more Tongue) I decided to go back to my origins.
Priston Tale is the first MMO I've encountered in 2003 and the first one I've played.
Got a lot of positive memories from that time so I hope to make some new ones - as positive or even more than the previous ones.
Though I wish I could play 6 hours a day as I used to back in the day - i have a life now and a girlfriend that is moving in to my flat now - so game time will be limited to some point Smile
BUT I still wish to see you all around
Welcome to the community Hilf,

Already noticed you we're active in Discord good stuff!
Hope you'll enjoy Pristontale EU as much as you've always enjoyed Pristontale.

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