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Rethink boss drop loot system
Higher ping / latency have zero chance of getting boss drop. Players with low ping will see items first.

I think the drop system at least for boss need a rethink to make it fair for everyone.

Option 1: One drop for each player (10s visibility to player only) in the party. If only one player (solo) = 2 drops.

Option 2: Same as option 1, but if the dropped item can have the player's class spec then it should have a slightly higher chance compared to other specs and non-spec. Example. NS = 50%, class spec = 20%, other specs = 10% (assuming there are three other class specs)

Option 3: Roll system. 

Option 4: Greed / Need system.

Personally I prefer option 1 or 2. It matches the game theme (drops), and having a roll / greed / need system can be somewhat confusing

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