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Recap on the launch weeks!

Launch week recap!

First of all what an amazing first couple of weeks! We're super happy with how Pristontale EU is doing so far. Hundreds of players are actively playing on our servers.

It's been a bit of a bumpy ride the first week but we've managed to stabilize the second week. Improvements to our anti-cheat and network protections have done the overall server well.

The anti-cheat is quite sensitive so far and has banned users for false reasons. But has also banned tons of actual cheaters and ensured a safe gaming environment! Feel free to contact our Game Masters on Discord to appeal any false bans.

From this point on we're going to change our focus of development onto the gameplay aspects of the server. We'll now start working down the reported game bugs and issues. Commonly reported issues related to class balance is one of our main priorities.

Feel free to provide us with feedback and suggestions on our forums. This gives us the chance to improve Pristontale EU daily and make a better Pristontale experience for everyone.

For now, we wish you all the best loot and tons of EXP!

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