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Hello. After finishing my 40 quest and the time resolved on my quest staff, i went back to skill master and finished quest but it's still on me. It won't delete or sell. If put into storage, storage bugs up and says full and cannot access my storage. Most things i try just crash game and sometimes i've appeared in random caves after relog after crash. Please if you can just remove this off my account it would be greatly appreciated item space is hard to come by.
If this is still a problem we'll need a user account id/character name.
Hi GM team,
I got this error message "the decryption operation failed, see inner exception" during game update from 1035-->1135. I have re-installed the game 3 times and it still give the same error message. Please help. Thanks for your supports
Time: Nov 27 2019 11pm GTM+7
Class: Pike
Game Client Version: V.1119/1035
What did you do? start game
What is wrong?: error message "the decryption operation failed, see inner exception"
How should it be working?:
Anything else you can add:

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Hello Ductuc,

Could you ensure your computer has admin privileges on the updater?
It looks like it has trouble updating your game files as it cannot access the files.

If your files are located in C:\ perhaps try and move them to D:\ or E:\ or any other drive you have.

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