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Pristontale EU - RESULTS - Survey #2
Thank you all for voting on the community poll.


Gameplay Changes
Suggestion 1: Reduce spawns to normal sizes and increase the exp rate. (This allows for a normal no leach meta)
- Yes ( We will reduce spawn sizes but increase EXP gain per kill ) In the next update.
Suggestion 2: Bless Castle entrance price
- Will be slightly reduced.
Suggestion 3: Bless Castle CTRL team attack
- Will be added back into the game
Suggestion 4: Add "Helper NPC" level 1-50 player buff ( Additional gold/drop rates)
- Will be added in the next update.
Suggestion 5: Reduce I1 and I2 monster HP by 20%
- Will be added in the next update.
Suggestion 9: Pause Force timer in Town.
- Will be added.

Donation Shop changes
Suggestion 1: Add Third Eye to the Game shop (40%) Additional drop chance.
- Yes 85,1%
Suggestion 2: Add Spec stones for mixing
- Yes 73,9%
Suggestion 3: Add Mature stones (Add 20% to mature bar)
- Yes 87,2%

Bonus updates:
- Cancel premium buffs
- A slight increase of drop chance on bosses/hunting monsters
- An increase of gold dropped for all monsters (Could be temporary depending on the results)
- Online rewards ( chance to win an item every hour )

NOTE: If a suggestion wasn't listed it didn't get through by the lack of votes. You can view all results on the survey to ensure we're not lying about anything.

Thank you all for voting and your feedback messages.
can add regen hp mp in shop
Rebirth in the shop is very high, can reduce it to 1 credit, they will use more than the current

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