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Hello, all.

I'm interested in giving this server a shot when the new client rolls around. I just had one question: even though this is supposed to be a classic representation of Priston Tale, are there any plans to balance classes/remake the plethora of useless skills from the way they were in 2001 to 2004, or are we talking good old fashioned PikemanTale?

Thanks for your time. Cheers.
Hello CJSS welcome to the Pristontale EU community,

The rework (Pristontale EU: Reborn) is having some changes to the 'Classic' structure. We do want to stick close to the core of the game but some changes are inevitable.
That's great. I prefer everything to stick as close to the core game as possible. My only concern with the original game was the clear class imbalance and plethora of useless skills. So if there's an effort to fix that, I'm all on board.
We're open for feedback and changes with an open beta coming soon.

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