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The Living Artillery
Hunting with a vicious wolf and stalking eagle, the archer will take down all her foes before they even get close. You’d be lucky if an arrow to the knee was the worst she did.
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Skill List

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Wind Arrow
Lv. 10, Attack
Fire a wind-imbued arrow that deals bonus damage to normal type.
Arrow of Rage
Lv. 12, Attack
Fire off an arrow at an angle that erupts into a volley of arrows raining down on your target and foes within reach.
Scout Hawk
Lv. 14, Buff
Call upon a hawk as your temporary aerial ally that will survey your surroundings, increasing your attack rating.
Shooting Mastery
Lv. 17, Passive
Permanently increases your attack power with the bow.
Huntress Master
Elemental Shot
Lv. 20, Attack
Fire an arrow randomly imbued with either fire or lightning at the target, lightning chains to nearby foes.
Bomb Shot
Lv. 23, Attack
Fire off two explosive arrows, their explosions covering a wide area and dealing bonus damage to demon type.
Lv. 26, Buff
Call upon a falcon to be your temporary aerial ally that will attack your targets.
Dion's Eye
Lv. 30, Passive
Permanently increase your attack rating with the bow.
Dion's Disciple
Perfect Aim
Lv. 40, Attack
Fire an arrow with precision that deals bonus damage to demon type.
Golden Falcon
Lv. 43, Buff
Call upon a golden falcon as your temporary aerial ally that attacks your targets and increases your health regeneration.
Evasion Mastery
Lv. 46, Passive
Permanently increase your evasion rating while using two-handed bows.
Lv. 50, Attack
Fire an arrow at the target creating a shockwave that deals area damage in a straight line to all foes in its path.
Lv. 60, Summon
Summon a Wolverine to aid you in battle.
Force of Nature
Lv. 63, Buff
Temporarily harness the forces of nature, enhancing the offensive capabilities of all party members within range.
Phoenix Shot
Lv. 66, Attack
Fire off an enchanted arrow that takes the shape of a phoenix, charge this shot to hit enemies in a straight line.
Lv. 70, Attack
Fire a number of arrows with boosted speed at a single target for pure concentrated damage.
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