We've been actively updating throughout May and June! Check out all the updates and patch notes now. To be updated more frequently join our Discord server.
Patch summary May & June
Detailed patch notes, game improvements, class changes and so much more!
Season 5 Patch Notes
Season 5 is almost here, April 29th 2022! Are you ready? Take a good read to ensure you're fully aware of all changes coming!
Season 5 changes explained!
As part of the season 5 changes, you will notice a substantial change to the way item stats is calculated in PTEU. This will address issues that Pristontale has had from the very beginning, and will continue our mission of properly balancing the different classes of Pristontale for the first time in the history of this great game.
New Stats Formula
It's community polling time! Because your input is invaluable to us!
A new era!
A complete remaster of the endgame maps for Pristontale EU. In co-operation with Nasione who's volunteered to deal with 3D modeling for Pristontale EU we've managed to produce the complete remaster of Sea of Abyss, Heart of Fire, and Ancient Weapon.
New Pristontale EU Endgame!
We've started e-mailing all our registered users! The e-mail contains a gift for everyone (all your characters). With this, we hope to see familiar faces and new faces back in Pristontale EU.
Happy Friendship Day!
No pay-to-win, a strong anti-cheat system and an active support team are just a few of PTEU’s greatest features. Check down bellow what else you can expect from your next adventure in Priston’s land!
Pristontale's Features
It's almost here, Seasonal and Babel will merge into one on January 28th! Enjoy all the Season 4 updates on Babel and play together with new potential friends or enemies!
Server merge!