We're excited to usher in 2024 as one of the best free-to-play MMORPGs! Our upcoming updates include advanced game engine enhancements and immersive new content. We're giving previously banned players a second chance with a detailed review, and our loyal players can expect special gifts. Here's to making 2024 an unforgettable year in the world of free MMORPG gaming!
Happy new year from PT EU!
The latest update introduces several key changes to enhance gameplay. All legendary item drops are now announced, and a variety of new achievements with unique titles have been added. The clan size is set to 18 members, as voted by the community. Bless Castle competitions feature predefined values for the season. A major rework of the aging system benefits all players, offering more friendly and efficient mechanics. PvP balance is adjusted based on community feedback, with specific changes to various classes, including Assassins, Knights, Pikemen, Fighters, Mechanicians, Priestesses, Shamans, and Magicians, to ensure a more dynamic and engaging combat experience.
Season 9 Patch Notes!
Partake in a thrilling new Season of Pristontale EU! Celebrate the Holidays together and dive into this nostalgic journey.
Season 9: New Beginnings and Exciting Rewards
Halloween Event: Hunt Halloween Bears for treats! Patch v1.458-1.464 brings fixes, optimizations, and PVP & PVE changes.
Halloween & Patch-notes!
N the recent Season 8 updates, we've introduced a series of balance changes, optimizations, and bug fixes to enhance gameplay. From lowering quest requirements and boosting EXP rewards to adjusting character AP% and PvP dynamics, we aim for a smoother and fairer gaming experience. We've also tackled critical issues in Siege War, PvP scaling, and class balance, as well as adding new features like customizable badges and chat display improvements. Importantly, we've resolved issues with our game installer and launcher to ensure a seamless start to your adventure. Additionally, optimizations have been made to drastically reduce in-game lag. These comprehensive updates touch on almost every aspect of the game for a more enjoyable experience.
Patch Notes August
Season 8 Week 1 Patch
Latest features and balance changes for Season 8
Season 8 Changelog
Pristontale EU Season 8 revolutionizes itemization, introduces value caps, revises Respec costs and odds, updates Affix and mix & aging values, and adds dynamic Primal Skills to enhance your free MMORPG experience.
SEASON 8 Developer Summary!
Pristontale EU introduces a revolutionary Affix Re-Roll System, allowing players to alter their items' Prefixes and Suffixes for unique stats. Players need to collect Affix, Prefix, and Suffix stones, classified into four levels, from boss drops or the coin shop. Re-roll limits are based on item rarity. To use these stones, players visit Lucy in Pilai town. This update adds a new layer of depth and customization to Priston Tale.
Customize Your Gear the New Affix Re-Roll System!