In celebration of Christmas, we're giving out goodies and hosting a fun Christmas event! Take this as a moment to enjoy gifts, gifts, and more gifts!
Merry Christmas!
We are excited to announce the most massive update any PT server has ever seen, presenting players with a fully reworked world in terms of grinding, battle difficulty, and even a storyline. S4 seeks to end most classic grinding problems that have frustrated players for the last twenty years, bringing the equivalent to the item rarity update in terms of everyday grinding.
Season 4 November 26th!
Trick or treat! Halloween has begun! Little Halloween bears are invading the lands of Priston! Hunt them down and take their little Halloween lanterns. (SO rude of you). Well, the goodies in the lanterns are all yours!
Halloween event and new Patch notes!
Pristontale EU continues to work towards the highest quality of gameplay. With patch v1.278 and v1.279 we're going deeper into improving the skills balance and fix a lot of crucial bugs.
Skill fixes Patch v1.278/v1.279
Every Priston Tale player has struggled to find the items they needed for the last twenty years, but these dark times are now over: this unique EU update brings a new way to hunt items and a whole new economy to the Priston world!
Item Rarity update v1.276!
The end of Season 3 is here and we're merging with Babel. Including the massive expected updates have a read now!
Server merge v1.264 update
September community update including a new map, new item rarity update and so much more!
September community update
In celebration of International Friendship day we requested you to send in your submissions!
International Friendship day!
Resolving some skill issues, adding pvp to the skills 2.0 update and other needed bug fixes.
Patch v1.263