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The Divine Huntress
Once a Tempskron spy, the atalanta learned that Morion magic would yield her more than brute force. She draws her powers from Valhalla, and she’s eager to give you a one-way trip there.
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Skill List

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Shield Strike
Lv. 10, Debuff
Fling your shield at the target, briefly stunning all enemies in its path.
Wind Javelin
Lv. 12, Attack
Lob a javelin in a twisting motion with boosted attack rating, this skill deals bonus damage to demon type.
Javelin Mastery
Lv. 14, Passive
Permanently increase your attack power with javelins.
Bigger Spear
Lv. 17, Attack
Hurl an enlarged javelin at the target, this skill deals bonus damage to machine type.
Lv. 20, Buff
Temporarily increase your attack rating and range with javelins.
Lightning Javelin
Lv. 23, Attack
Lob a lightning-infused javelin at the target for area damage, this skill deals bonus damage to undead.
Lv. 26, Attack
Toss a javelin at the target with boosted attack rating and speed, this skill deals bonus damage to normal type.
Soul Sucker
Lv. 30, Attack
Fling a soul sucking shield at the target, absorbing a portion of health from any enemies in its path if their health is above 50%.
Split Javelin
Lv. 40, Attack
Hurl a javelin at the target that splits into three pieces before it strikes.
Triumph of Valhalla
Lv. 43, Buff
Temporarily boost target ally's maximum attack power.
Fire Javelin
Lv. 46, Attack
Toss a fiery javelin at the target, this skill deals bonus damage to mutant type.
Extreme Rage
Lv. 50, Attack
Jump straight up into the air and throw three explosive javelins dealing damage to target area, this skill is boosted by Split Javelin.
Hall of Valhalla
Lv. 60, Buff
Temporarily boost your evasion and apply Triumph of Valhalla on yourself and party members in range.
Storm Javelin
Lv. 63, Attack
Toss two element-infused javelins at the target dealing major damage to enemies in a straight line, this skill is boosted by other Elemental Javelins.
Frost Javelin
Lv. 66, Buff
Temporarily encase your javelins in ice, reducing attack speed and slowing down enemies you hit.
Lv. 70, Attack
Angrily launch two javelins at the target with boosted critical chance and range.
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