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The Paladin of All Trades
Empowered by the gods, the knight can attack, tank, and even support his allies all at once. He was once a Tempskron warrior but Morion magic made him too powerful to ever come back.
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Skill List

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Sword Blast
Lv. 10, Attack
Fire a beam of energy from your sword, this skill deals bonus damage to normal & mutant type.
Holy Body
Lv. 12, Buff
Healing parties depending on knights damage dealt.
Physical Training
Lv. 14, Passive
Permanently increase your stamina regeneration through physical training.
Double Crash
Lv. 17, Attack
Swiftly attack your target twice with boosted critical chance.
Holy Incantation
Lv. 20, Debuff
Temporarily turn target undead into an ally that fights by your side.
Lv. 23, Attack
Jump and strike the target with a fiery force that damages enemies in front of you.
Holy Valor
Lv. 26, Buff
Temporarily empower yourself and party members in range with holy powers that increase damage to undead.
Divine Shield
Lv. 30, Buff
Temporarily enchant your shield, this increases your block rating and drains health from undead on each successful block.
Holy Knight
Lv. 40, Attack
Stab with your sword creating a magical blade that damages enemies afar, this skill is boosted by Sword Blast and deals bonus damage to mutant type.
Drastic Spirit
Lv. 43, Buff
Temporarily imbue yourself with spiritual energy that boosts your defense, this skill is boosted by Holy Body.
Sword Mastery
Lv. 46, Passive
Permanently increase your attack power with swords.
Grand Cross
Lv. 50, Attack
Attack the target with holy-infused sword, boosts attack rating, this skill is boosted by Double Crash and deals bonus damage to undead.
Saint Knight
Sword of Justice
Lv. 60, Attack
Smash the ground with your sword, creating a shockwave that runs along the ground damaging enemies in front of you, this skill is boosted by Brandish.
Godly Shield
Lv. 63, Buff
Temporarily cast a divine enchantment on your shield that boosts its absorption, this skill is boosted by Divine Shield.
God's Blessing
Lv. 66, Buff
Temporarily imbue yourself with divine strength.
Divine Piercing
Lv. 70, Attack
Strike the target with your sword repeatedly with boosted critical chance.
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