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23. May, 2020
It's time for a community update!
Salute heroes,

It's time for a community update, we'll be going over some of the recent changes. We're also going to take a look at the upcoming updates and patches.

Game development roadmap

As most of you know we've had a voting poll running on the Discord server. If you're not part of our Discord server yet make sure to join here.

The results of the voting poll have been internally discussed with the staff team to ensure proper order of updates. The roadmap is set up to keep the vote results as the main order of updates with a bit of influence from our staff team. You can view the full roadmap on our Discord channel here.

This roadmap is a hand in hand approach of the community and the Pristontale EU staff. To ensure a great future of updates and game progression. Our passion to ensure the best possible Pristontale gameplay experience together with you the community is what keeps Pristontale EU growing as it is right now.

Website updates

We've resolved an issue where password recovery emails and account activation emails didn't get sent to your mailboxes. If you still run into issues feel free to contact us on Discord.

As some of you might've already noticed we've added new features to the user panel. You can now easily track the behavior of your items. The item log has a search function that allows you to track your sales, purchases, and other item activities.

Not long after this news update we're also adding the Clan panel to the User panel. This will allow clan members to read the clan's chat history, the clan leaders to update their clan information and manage their members. Followed by a live chat interaction option to chat towards your in-game clan members through your phone or web browser.


Discord & Events

Pristontale EU makes active use of Discord. This is a communication tool that we use instead of having web forums. A lot of short news updates are posted there instead of on our main website.

This is also the place where we show our monthly event calendar and where players interact for market trades, finding clans, finding parties, and other community activities.

It's simple to use either through a browser by clicking here, or by downloading the Windows client.

That's all for this community update if you have questions or just want to stay informed join us on Discord.

Mobile Pristontale

We're quite sure many of you are also waiting patiently for the release of Mobile Pristontale EU. The current state of development can be tracked by following the specific mobile Pristontale EU discord channel here. Our head of mobile development tends to stream progress of the Mobile development on twitch.

We usually clip and share highlights on the discord channel alike to this highlight where the developer implemented item looting and dropping.

Following the live streams of Mobile Pristontale EU can grant you early access to the alpha/beta tests as well as an exclusive in-game twitch costume on the current live servers. So don't miss out and ensure to join the stream sessions

That's all for now, have fun & stay safe!
4. Apr, 2020
Bless Castle update!
Bless Castle
Hello warriors,

First of all, what an incredible amount of players showed up for Bless Castle today. We can see the insane growth Pristontale EU has been getting the past months. With more players comes more competition and competition brings issues. A competitive player will use anything possible to achieve an edge over their opponent. 

So I'm here to announce an update in our ruleset after the last couple of weeks of Bless Castle. Today we've had multiple reports of an 'attacking' clan player managing to get behind the gate before the gate falls. This is obviously unintended and could be seen as a bug. 

Today in #game-rules we've added a new rule.

Bless Castle

1. Exploiting a way to enter the castle as an attacker before the battle starts isn't allowed. Only defenders can be inside the castle. Finding a way to climb or exploit inside isn't allowed. This is in-line with our rule against bug exploiting listed above. This is in-line with our rule against bug exploiting. We're not acting upon today's exploiter(s) neither are we on the exploiter(s) of last weeks. 
We as the staff team think it's for the best of the future of Bless Castle to sharpen this rule. In the future, if this bug is exploited that player will receive a 24-hour ban (Longer if it's a repeated offense).

The reason we're not acting upon the exploiter(s) today is that the clans competing for the crown have both today or in previous weeks used this exploit. We cannot undo what has been done but we can ensure the future is brighter.

In all this, we as the staff team are looking for a bright future. 

May the experience flow and the hunting be rewarding this week!
Bryan 20
CaradepalKS 20
Kindaichi 20
4 ~QP~ 18
5 NoWay 18
6 mat 18
7 UllysisFS 18
8 Mo 18
9 Nikita 17
10 Achilies 17