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1. Jan, 2020
Happy new year!
Pristontale EU wishes you the best in 2020!

28. Dec, 2019
Merry Christmas and SoD update!
Pristontale EU wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Christmas event:
You can currently find Santa Goblins roaming the world of Priston. They are carrying Santa's stolen goods! 
Kill them and recover the items to receive gifts from Rudolph the reindeer and craft Santa costumes and Santa hats!

The event will run until January 13th

We're going to be closing our forums soon if you want to recover/save any information to ensure to do so this week.
The reason we're closing the forums is that we're doing all our updates/announcements on]Discord. It's more responsive and easily moderated, so]join us on there today!

Survive or Die:
We've implemented SoD into the server for level 80+ scoreboard/leaderboards and crowns are now active.
Survive or Die is a mini-game where you'll need to defeat waves of monsters solo or with a group of up to 6 players. The highest scoring clan/team will receive the Golden crown, 2nd place Silver crown, and 3rd place Bronze crown.

Good luck, and have fun!
Bryan 20
CaradepalKS 20
Kindaichi 20
4 ~QP~ 18
5 NoWay 18
6 mat 18
7 UllysisFS 18
8 Mo 18
9 Nikita 17
10 Achilies 17