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26. Nov, 2019
Double EXP weekend!
We wanted to give a reward to our first level 100 player, Rainndance.

She decided that everyone should enjoy the fact that she's the first to reach the maximum level of 100.
November 29 until 1 December Start time 19:00 Server time.

Keep in mind
Double exp weekends will not be frequent and stay incredibly rare as it heavily affects the game progression flow. And weakens our 'hardcore' approach to the game.

We only do this as celebration and rewarding Rainndance with her desired event.

Happy EXPing!
17. Nov, 2019
Newcomer welcome and mega patch!
Hi Heroes,

We're glad to announce that we've managed to push a big update reworking and adding up a lot of content. You can find a detailed list here. Also NEW is a free 1-hour experience potion and a third eye for any new player! 

More amazing updates are on the way and we'll be announcing the data for an upcoming 2x EXP event soon.

Make sure to join us on discord? and vote every 12 hours on the user panel for free premium coins.

Happy hunting!
Bryan 20
CaradepalKS 20
Kindaichi 20
4 ~QP~ 18
5 NoWay 18
6 mat 18
7 UllysisFS 18
8 Mo 18
9 Nikita 17
10 Achilies 17